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Stunning! Genuine Natural Black Baroque Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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Product description

Choose these white cultured pearls when you crave a little understated elegance to complete your accessories. And you'll be impressed with the high quality and luster of these beauties. Your bracelet will be carefully packed and shipped to you in an elegant jewelry box. 

About Baroque Pearls 

Baroque pearls, known for their irregular, uneven shapes, are attractive and versatile; in fact, you can use them to complement nearly any ensemble. Many of these types of pearls have spectacularly unique shapes, which makes each piece a one-of-a-kind creation.

Baroque pearls are some of the most fascinating organic gems available on the jewelry market. They are the ideal choice for bold women who want to show the world just how special they are. They are the absolute opposite of traditional pearls because each one has its very own shape and size. This makes them extremely easy to use to create gorgeous pieces meant to fit every style.  But just how valuable are baroque pearls?  Let us tell you a few things about them, just to give you an idea of their significance and value.

Shape is one of the key factors taken into consideration when assessing pearls. There are two main types of peals out there, each of them branched out in subtypes. If a pearl is round, it is considered to be a traditional pearl. As for all the other irregular shaped ones, they are considered baroque.

What types of pearls are Baroque shaped?

The most common type are baroque freshwater pearls. Only less than 10% of freshwater pearls are round, which means that the vast majority of these pearls are baroque. But these are not the only types of pearls which are baroque. Saltwater pearls, as well as cultured and natural ones, also come in baroque shapes. Even some Akoya pearls, which are best known for their perfectly round specimens, have baroque shapes.

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