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Bol Brutus (2017)

The morning this piece arrived, the stock market reached new heights, again. NEver before seen and against all odds, we were achieving the LONGEST, STRONGEST BULL MARKET EVER... but how long can it last before the next crash?

This life-size bull skullpture is masterfully hand-crafted with timeless news artifacts as old as 1906 and as recent as 2017, meticulously selected and palced to highlight notions of optimism and greed throughout the ages. 

YEAH, I'm totally bullish on this piece by Desiree Grisham. 

Made in Old Bank District, Downtown, Los Angeles

1 of 1 Limited Edition. 
36 inches x 24 inches x 12 inches.

This is the second item I am listing in my decentralized gallery!

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