Early BETA version = Work in Progress - See info.

FlexiSIGN 10.5.1

SAi Production Suite FlexiSIGN PRO 10.0.1 (PC) WINDOWS x32/64 BIT 

Digital Delivery Only - Download! 

Design Central and Design Editor C has changed to a vertical orientation so you get larger entry boxes and an increased design area. 

Shortcut Icons C have been added for quicker and easier menu navigation. 

Thumbnail Images C for easier file recognition so you can preview images, even with Flexi 8 closed. 

Object Handles C descriptive tips with an explanation of what each handle does when mouse hovers 

Text Styles C function has been introduced enabling you to capture and apply text styles like font features, effects and color from one text block to another. You will see increased productivity by saving Text Styles in a library for use in future designs. 

Spell Check C has been improved with increased speed, along with context errors like TYpo 

Text Toolbar C has been added giving you easier access to text commands for increased productivity. 

Break Apart and Join Together C commands now break words into individual letters, and join letters into words. 

Define Character C feature allows modification of individual characters. Now you have the ability to create a custom font and save commonly used images and logos for easy retrieval. 

Rip and Print C now has Desktop Printer ability. 

Network to PP Server v3 or PP Server v3 C allows you to send print jobs giving you increased productivity. 

Color Keys C an option which allows separations to be printed in color. 

RIP Log C has been expanded to include all the statistics for the print customer. You will have easier access to all of the data relating to the print, in addition to the RIP time and errors. 

Full Overprint and Overprint with Trapping C options have been added for your thermal resin printers. 

Mirror Tool C has been added so you have full control of mirroring objects like angle and distance. 

Inner Border Option C easily creates a rectangular border, controlling corner style, corner radius and border thickness. 

Graphic Styles C can now be saved, stored and applied to any object. This will save you time! It s now faster and easier to save and apply your common design styles that include features like fill or effects. 

Templates C have been added for customizable invoices and proofs. These templates make you look professional! 

Plus many more! 

Hardware Requirements 

For VE LXi and Flexi software: 

Windows XP Pro / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 & 64 bit) 2.0 GHz processor or better 

128 MB video or better 

2 GB memory 

USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0 compatible at this time) 

DVD drive 

4 Gb hard drive space availability

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