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Harry Potter wand from the Tree of Knowledge

Winter cut from the New Forest to help regenerate ancient Hazel coppice*  and promote biodiversity, these tree-of-knowledge wands have been embraced by honeysuckle to give them their beautiful spiral aesthetic. Shaped with a draw-knife on a traditional shave horse, before being smoothed by six grades of sandpaper. Then jumping from 19th century tools and techniques into the 21st century where the wording is laser engraved, before applying a wax finish.

The words laser engraved onto the wand are: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

12" long or 30cm

*Coppicing is the ancient practice of cutting certain woods back to ground level to encourage regrowth of straight sticks, (called rods) A hazel tree lives for about 60 years, but if it is regularly coppiced it can live for thousands

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