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Tree Portraits, The Blushing Beech

This is one of a set of twelve cards.
Each card gives information about the tree, but it does more than that, it tells the story of the tree; it's uses it's folklore, and untimately, it's character.

I stand tall, with a stately crown, changing my cloak with the seasons; from spring’s first verdant blush to autumn’s russet fire.
Seek me out in a storm - I am immune and shun the lightning. Seek me also in your kitchen – my heart is antiseptic, cleansing the steel of knives on chopping boards and butchers’ blocks.
I am the tree of wishes. If I drop a branch to you, it is an invitation; write on my limb and press it into the earth; your wish will be conveyed to the faery queen for consideration. Expect her response when I have been your messenger.  

(printed of FSC approved card)

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