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Tree Portraits, The Striding Alder

This is one of a set of twelve cards.
Each card gives information about the tree, but it does more than that, it tells the story of the tree; it's uses it's folklore, and untimately, it's character.

I am the walker’s friend. Wherever you walk, I am with you. I am the clogs that are the sole of your shoe. I am a favourite for the bridges that carry your road over the streams, as I don't mind getting my wooden feet wet; I hold up most of Venice, after all.
On a long journey, place my leaves in your shoe to cool your feet and prevent swelling. I hug the riverbanks as I love the running water (after all, it runs, which is just walking in a hurry), and I use the streams to disperse my seeds.  

(printed of FSC approved card)

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