Description Cola nut is used for short-term relief of fatigue, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), melancholy, lack of normal muscle tone (atony), exhaustion, dysentery, a type of diarrhea called atonic diarrhea, weight loss, and migraineheadaches. Cola nut is the seed of the cola nut plant. Cola nut is used widely in Nigeria and many West African countries as part of traditional hospitality, cultural, and social ceremonies. It is also used to make medicine. other Names: Arbre à Cola, Arbre à Kola, Bissey Nut, Bissy Nut, Cola acuminata, Cola nitida, Guru Nut, Gworo, Kola Nut, Kolatier, Noix de Cola, Noix de Gourou, Noix de Kola, Noix du Kolatier, Noix de Soudan, Noix du Soudan, Nuez de Cola, Soudan Coffee, Sterc.
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