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Description Millions of people use the Whatsapp application daily, ever thought about making money from these people?It's easy, I have an opportunity for you.We all know that whatsapp received media has no privacy, you can receive an intimate image, anyone with your cell phone can see it.
Whatsapp Media Hidder is an application that protects your Whatsapp media, so that only you can see them.It hides selected media and protects them with a password, so only Whatsapp Media Hidder can access them, nosy users will not be able to see your media.
No application can access your hidden media (like Gallery, players, browser...).
I am offering the code of this application for you to invest in the huge Whatsapp market, do not waste time, buy while there is time!


Features: * Admob integration * Google Analytics integration * Easy setup, no need Android skills (just need Android Studio basic knowledge) * Well documented (pdf) * English, Portuguese (BR) and French language supported


Video testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNfm0whfHro

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