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Description Selling the highest quality, "used" movies and eBooks. Please check out our About Us to see our "Mission Statment" & our Store to see Today's digital offerings!

When you purchase an eBook from Amazon or a Movie from Apple, you own what you have purchased, and in my opinion, you have the right to sell it as you could do with any "real" or tangible item you have purchased from a brick and mortor retailer such as Barnes and Noble or The Home Depot.

This Open Bazaar store is an experiment in what it would look like for a Vendor(me) to sell "used" digital products like eBooks and Movies to Buyers(you) that I have legally purchased or that I have received on consignment. 

If you have any questions, please email me at MoviesRUs@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Also, if have some eBooks or Movies that you've purchased or that you have received as a gift and would like to see them featured here in this Store, please email me with the informaiton about your eBook or Movie(Title, Year Released, etc.) and please provide your original order information(Where Item Was Purchased, Date of Purchase, and the Order Number of Your Purchase) as to show that your original purchase was legitimate. 

If you have any specific requests for particular eBooks or Movies, please email your requst to us, and we'll "put out some feelers" to see if your request can be located.

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Thank you for visiting The eBooks And Movies Store!




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