Turn your bitcoin into cash ( USD ). In person, bank deposit, via USPS mail and more. I trade my USD for bitcoin at 3% below current bitstamp. 

I buy and sell bitcoin for USD.

I can also be found and confirmed on, or wickr - bitobit

PGP is avaialble and recommended.

I look forward to many succesful trades.


Vendor bitobit
Keywords USD, Cash, Trade, Money, Bitcoin, In person, Bank deposit, Cash in mail, by mail
Price per unit 0.25 BTC
Condition New
Process time Same day service
Shipping Free
Shipping Origin United States
Shipping Regions United States
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Expiry Never
Last Seen 8 m
Hash 0f82118ea05328d8a0d973006687aad5f8182e7b
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