Florida Sand Sampling


Pristine white soft sand from Clearwater Beach, FL! The sand is collected and heated for 3 hours at 350 degrees to eliminate moisture and micro organisms. It is then sifted through 3 different times to ensure only the finest quality sand is collected. 

Vendor Florida Sand Sampling
Keywords sand, sample, beach, clearwater, Florida
Vendor Category Collectibles
Price per unit 1.85 USD
Condition New
Process time 1 hour
Est Delivery Domestic 3-5 Business Days
Est Delivery International 7-15 Business Days
Flat Shipping Fee Domestic 3.15 USD
Flat Shipping Fee International 3.15 USD
Shipping Origin United States
Shipping Regions All
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Expiry Never
Last Seen 4 m
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