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Do you want to turn all your favorite foods and drinks into instant energizers? Just sprinkle CaffeinAll on your favorite fresh and cooked foods, drinks, fruits, salads, even pizza or ice cream to make them into an instant energy food.  And it’s much less expensive than a cup of coffee, latte, espresso, or any of the energy drinks out there.                                 CaffeinAll costs only 9 cents per 100 mg caffeine - the same amount that is in 1 cup strong coffee. 
Add it to any of your favorite food or drink and the effect is energizing: a delightful experience and a more alert you!       
CaffeinAll is the world’s first caffeine that:
- Turns your favorite foods into energy foods  - Tastes good on all your favorite foods- Is not bitter - Is inexpensive!
Get 200 shots - the equivalent of 200 cups of coffee - in a handy shaker, for only $17.99.  
You save money and the environment:
1 small recyclable container vs. 200 soft/energy drink cans and coffee cups.
Vendor Energy Boosters
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Terms Conditions 1. Not for minors, pregnant women, and persons with heart condition or caffeine sensitivity. 2. Must be stored in a safe place, away from children and teens. 3. Use at your own risk over 300mg - 3 shots/shakes - a day.
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