This product is a digital eBook in the (PDF) format, you will need Acrobat Reader or a similar product to open and read this eBook. This eBook contains the questions and answers you will sit in your Microsoft 70-497 exam, Software Testing with Visual Studio. Our Microsoft Exams may not be 100% accurate, we do try to keep these eBooks as up to date as possible but questions are changed quite frequently. Study for your Microsoft Exam in your own time and read your Microsoft eBooks from your PC, laptop, mobile and tablet.

Your 70-497 Software Testing with Visual Studio will contain questions in the following areas… Create and configure test plans, Manage test cases, Manage test execution. The time limit for the 70-497 exam is 120 minutes. The passing score for the Software Testing with Visual Studio exam is 800. This exam eBook contains 100 questions and answers for the 70-497 Software Testing with Visual Studio.

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