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Ratings Booster
0 - <p><b>I help boost your ratings so you can start selling sooner.</b></p><p>&lt;br&gt;</p><h2>F.A.Q.</h2><h3><b>Q: If I <i>delete</i> my dummy listing (the one that you bought and left a positve review for) will I lose the 5-Star Rating and Positive Review you left me?</b></h3><p><b>A:</b> No. The 5-Star Rating and Positive Review will still show up even if you delete the dummy listing.</p><p>&lt;br&gt;</p><p style=""></p><h3><b>Q: I want the 5-Star Rating and Positive Review to show up on a particular item. Can you do that?</b></h3><b>A:</b> Yes. But we have to be tricky about it. It works like this:<p></p><p style="">First you create a dummy listing. I'll buy it and add a 5-Star Rating and Positive Review. Then you <i>change</i> the dummy listing to whatever you want. Ratings and Reviews remain even if you <i>radically</i> change the dummy listing. You can change the title, type, price, description, pictures, tags, everything!</p><p style="">So I'll purchase a $0.15 dummy item and leave a 5-Star Rating and Positive Review. Then you can change the listing so it <i>looks like</i> I bought a $400 iPhone. :)</p><p style="">&lt;br&gt;</p><h3 style=""><b>Q: Can you leave a few 4-Star Rating too? I don't want it to look too suspicious by having a ton of perfect reviews.</b></h3><p style=""><b>A:</b> Yes. I leave 100% perfect ratings by default, but if you really want me to leave a less-than-perfect rating/review let me know at checkout. I'm happy to do that for you.</p><p>&lt;br&gt;</p><h3><b>Q: Won't people notice that all my ratings and reviews are coming from the same person?</b></h3><p><b>A:</b> Short answer: No. There is no way, within OpenBazaar, for a third party to determine that two reviews came from the same person. </p><p>Long answer: It's <i>technically</i> <i>possible</i>, but only for someone who cares <i>a lot </i>and is<i> very knowledgeable</i>. Doing so would require careful analysis of the bitcoin blockchain -- to see that multiple purchases were made from the same bitcoin wallet. And if anyone starts doing that I'll just switch to a popular online wallet where payments are made from a common pool. The only way to prevent what we're doing here is to remove buyer anonymity on OpenBazaar, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. ;)</p><p>&lt;br&gt;</p><h3><b>Q: Do you sell followers too?</b></h3><p><b>A:</b> Not yet. I'm working on that. One thing at a time.</p><p>&lt;br&gt;</p><h3 style=""><b>Q: How do the lotteries work?</b></h3><p style=""><b>A:</b> I use to calculate the XOR (in hex) of your OpenBazaar order ID number and the blockhash of the block that your payment ends up in. The result of that calculation is your 'ticket number'.</p><p style="">You can verify the outcome yourelf. Your OpenBazaar Order ID number is under 'Purchases' in your OpenBazaar client. The blockhash of the the block that your payment ends up in can be found by clicking on "View Details" under the 'Funds" tab. That will take you to, where you can click on "Advanced Details" to see the blockhash.</p><p style="">Once you have those two numbers, head over to <span style=""> to XOR them together. </span><span style="">This also provides a way for moderators to verify the outcome.</span></p><p style=""><span style="">I may wait for up to six confirmations before I pay out (if it's a big lottery), but am usually satisfied after 3 confirmations.</span></p>

Bitcoin Silicone Wristbands
0 - <h3>I've been in the Bitcoin space since early 2012</h3><p>I'm really proud of my design for the <b>'Bitcoin Accepted Here' silicone wristbands</b>!</p><p>Back in 2013 when someone submitted a link to my website on /r/bitcoin, I sold hundreds of these awesome wristbands in a day.</p><h3>Now Thousands Sold</h3><p>Many years on and I've sold <b>several thousand</b> all around the world. They have been worn by attendees and speakers at <b>conferences</b>, on the wrists of staff in <b>retail stores</b>, and of course by <b>bitcoin enthusiasts </b>like you and me.</p><h3>Bulk Orders Available</h3><p>Through <b>Open Bazaar</b>, you can purchase a single wristband if you want to have a look before buying in bulk.</p><p><b>Bulk orders</b> of 100+ are heavily discounted through economies of scale. The more you order, the cheaper the per-unit cost becomes.</p><h3>Shipping Times</h3><p>For small quantities of wristbands that I have in stock (1, 2, 5, 10, 20), they will be sent to you one day after your funds have cleared. Give it a week to arrive on your doorstep.</p><p>For bulk quantities of 100+ units, we have a fresh batch manufactured just for you. They are shipped directly from the factory to your door. The time from bulk order to delivery is usually 2 to 3 weeks (depends on your location).</p><h3>Happy to Chat</h3><p>Feel free to <b>chat to me</b> if you have any questions. I'm in Australia, so please excuse delays in replying if we're in different timezones.</p><p>Peace.</p>