Unlocked OnePlus One Phone with Beats Wireless Headphone and ChromeCast TV and Audio. 

Vendor metalmethod
Keywords oneplus, unlocked, chromecast, beats headphones
Vendor Category Phone, Bluetooth Headphones, Chromcast
Price per unit 100 USD
Condition Used - excellent
Process time 3-5 Days
Moderators Richard Ulrich
Est Delivery Domestic 3-5 Days
Est Delivery International 3-5 Days
Flat Shipping Fee Domestic 0 USD
Flat Shipping Fee International 0 USD
Shipping Origin United States
Shipping Regions United States
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns Full Refund in 7 Days
Terms Conditions Full Refund in 7 Days
Expiry Never
Last Seen 2 m
Hash b1ff5374e3cd8fc9f21825093fce03070a561506
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