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70 full color pages of a trippy techno fairy tale.

Mikey is fed up with the club scene and misses the old days of raves and the music that came with it. One night he hears a mysterious song that takes a hold of his mind and throws him on a kaleidoscopic roller coaster ride of hallucinations. He becomes obsessed with finding out what this song is, and his obsessions could take him beyond the limits of reality.

You'll enjoy this if you like trippy, psychadelic artwork, and unconventional storytelling. The look and feel are akin to movies like Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Machinist and Enter the Void. The story is told in a visually striking way with artwork that spans from sexy to disorienting.

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Keywords graphic novel, comic book, sci fi, techno, club, rave, psychological thriller, indie comic, artwork, illusion
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