Resilient Ecology Systems and Design


Do you want to maximize the utility of your land and minimize waste and work?  Permaculture is the answer!

I offer Permaculture design service for properties in Arizona up to 10 acres. Properties larger than 10 acres will be a negotiable price higher than that listed above. Each design will include a client interview to prioratize needs, a site visit with comprehensive survey, generation of high-resolution 3D basemap, research and recommendations for planting, and a walkthrough of created zones and sectors.  Detailed diagrams of plantings and explanations of interactions of plants and animals in the system.  I will also offer free guidance for one year after the design to address any problems or issues that come up.

Make a decision to be more ecologically responsible, resilient, and self reliant. Build local community food systems. Enjoy being outside and cultivating something living and lasting.

Vendor Resilient Ecology Systems and Design
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Vendor Category Permaculture
Price per unit 1000 USD
Process time Initial meeting within 2 weeks
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Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns If you are not happy with my design here is my policy: 1. Contact me with your concerns or complaints via email, OpenBazaar, phone, or text. Please be detailed. 2. Allow me 30 days to address all of your concerns or fix any problems 3. If you are still not satisfied, I will refund you 100% of the price.
Terms Conditions 50% payment due at begining of contract and remainder due upon delivery of designs. These designs do not include plants or labor to install the designed system. I prefer to negotiate these items separately depending on availability. I am dedicated to providing quality designs and I will work with you to do everything I can to make sure you are satisfied. Your feedback matters!
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