Description Google Glass Explorer Edition - Charcoal. Includes: Google Glass, Active Shade, original box, charger, and unused mono earbud. Everything is in perfect condition. The Active Shade is still in its unopened packing. It clips on to convert the Google Glass to sunglasses. Device works great. The prism visor screen has no scratches or ripples. Also includes the carry case for secure storage. Screen is very crisp and detailed. Camera takes awesome pictures hands-free with a wink of an eye.

Any questions?

Vendor GlovedOne
Keywords google, glass, wearable, mobile, technology, computer, phone, bluetooth, camera, googleglass
Vendor Category Technology
Price per unit 0.2 BTC
Condition Used - excellent
Process time 1 Business Day
Moderators Mitchell
Shipping Free
Shipping Origin United States
Shipping Regions All
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns Product is guranteed to be in excellent working condition, but if you receive it and have any questions or issues, please contact me at and we'll do our best to resolve things in the most beneficial way for you.
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