George Voulgaropoulos


I am offering an opportunity to have your photography portfolio or photo series reviewed by myself. I will offer valueable feedback in the form of critique.

After completing multiple photographic workshops in western Sydney for young emerging photographers, I have the idea to also extend his teaching to others who are looking for valuebale feedback by a professional photographer with a extensive experience in photojournalism/reportage and street photography. 


George worked as a staff photographer for a newspaper group in the western suburbs of Sydney for 6 years before going freelance in mid 2013. As well as teaching photographic workshops for refugees and emerging photographers, George has a passion for contemporary documentary photography and photobooks. George’s personal work consists of ongoing long term projects which have been published extensively, both domestically and in international publications, including National Geographic, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and more. 

George joined Oculi in 2013.

You can follow his work in western Sydney at:

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