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Lady Paladin and the Spider King

by Melissa Shay

A 9800 word fantasy erotica story about how a female paladin embarks on a quest to slay a monster but learns more than she bargained for about herself, her body, and the life she knows.

Kink List/Trigger Warnings: [ MF, Noncon, Dubcon, Relcon, Bondage, Shifter, Fingering, Anal Play, Double-penetration, Standing Spread-eagle ]


If one travels south from the Kingdom of Sherrywyn, past the meadows and farmland, and into the wilderness beyond, one will eventually reach a vast forest so remote that it has never even been given a name. It is said that therein lies the domain of a terrible creature, the spider king--half-man, half-spider, and all spiders everywhere serve as his minions.

Many an adventurer has sought this beast, for it is said that his lair is filled with gold and jewels, but that is not the reason for which I currently journey south on these narrow, untraveled roads.

I am a paladin of the Holy Order of the Cross, and have taken the sacred vow of poverty. I travel alone on a quest to slay this beast and bring honor to my order such that the goodness for which it stands may spread yet into even further lands, perhaps even the desolation which I now traverse, these wild lands, still untamed by the hands of men.

There were many who called me a fool for undertaking such a task alone, I, a junior knight and a woman at that, but I forsook service to lord and order to become a knight-errant, wandering and questing to bring even greater glory to our cause.

Many good deeds did I accomplish in my wanderings about the kingdom, and soon I became a person of renown. Everywhere I went I was met with the smiling faces of grateful citizens, calling, "Lady Paladin! Lady Paladin!" for that is the name by which I became known.

After a year of this life, my thoughts turned more and more to the rumors, spoken in hushed whispers, of the monster that haunts the wild lands to the south.

It is said the spider king was already upon the earth when humankind had only just begun to farm and live in cities. What foul magic was he able to call upon to become unaging?

Such magic is unholy and curses the land around him, and his infamy is so great that no peasant family is willing to farm even four days ride from the forest he's said to inhabit.

Excerpt 2:

(After our brave but hapless maiden gets herself captured and bound spread-eagle to the wall by spider silk.)

He starts to take off my armor piece by piece while I struggle in vain. I kick and knee him, but his body, even naked, is impervious to my blows.

Soon I am naked and shamed, for he has made me his plaything, all accouterments of warriorship, pride, and honor taken away. They lie in a heap around me, as if I'm no longer a paladin, just a body for him to use for his pleasure.

He reaches up, and at first I don't know what he's doing. Then I realize I've been clutching my broken sword the whole time, and now he's prying it from my grasp.

"No!" I scream, my voice growing shrill, for it's the very last bit of my honor left.

I should not have shown I cared, to give him that satisfaction, but I can't help it. I fight tooth and nail to keep him from taking my sword away, but it's soon wrenched from my grasp.

All fight leaves me then. My body slumps against my bonds, and I let my head fall. I am defeated.

"Do as you will..." I mutter, summoning up the last bit of defiance I have, but it's nearly all gone.

"Spread your legs," he breathes in my ear. He's standing very close, tosses my sword onto a pile with my chainmail, and plays with the hairs of my bush.

I bristle under his touch, and some of my fighting spirit returns. I try to knee him again, and though it connects hard against his ribcage, he seems unaffected. He grabs my leg and shoves it wide to the side, shooting spider silk at my ankle.

Now I have only one leg free, and I scream, desperate to not let him grab it, for I suddenly cannot stand the thought that he will have me spread so wide open for him, so helpless. I cry and plead, and try to keep my leg away. It only takes a second before he catches it, holds it against the wall, and secures the ankle with more spider silk.

Excerpt 3:

(After it's starting to get hot and heavy.)

I try to kick, to lash out at him, but he is too strong. He thrusts hard into me, and I have to fight to stop myself from responding. He thrusts again, and slips one hand behind my ass, pulling me hard against his hips. I don't fight this as hard as I should, and the terrible thought enters my mind: If I were to give in, to let him have his way with me, who would know but us? Who would care but me?

The rhythm of his thrusts picks up speed. His one free hand caresses my breasts, and then grips the line between them. He begins to tug on it in rhythm with our movement, and this, combined with everything else makes the heat begin to build inside me once again.

I can no longer fight against my own body and find I'm using my legs to pull myself toward his thrusts. It makes me feel like a whore, not the noble paladin I've always tried to be. Sometimes I try to stop myself, but when I do, he grasps my hips and keeps me moving until I start pulling with my legs again, falling instantly into perfect rhythm with his thrusts each time. I can't stop this. I can't fight it. I am lost in the passion, and it begins to almost feel as if it were meant to be. The synchronicity I feel with him, in not only the motion of our bodies but in what that means, what that says about our hearts, causes me to lose myself, both physically and emotionally.

Note From the Author:

This story contains only one sex scene, but it spans 5300 words!

This is the first story I've written for OpenBazaar, but if it does well, I plan to do more.


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