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Repriced today so as not to be too much ahead of the market.

Is this marketplace driven by price?

 I would like to know.

 It would be difficult to make the price of this item any much lower. (Repriced to the market)

 Unless I was paying you to take it.

I do not include any color codes at this price.

But I did find a nice color selector wheel.

4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 by Jemima Pereira. Free for any use

Which you can access on one of my pages at:


Once you have some nice colors, you can blend them with another free Blender program:

Color Blender 


Vendor Puggmahone3
Keywords colorWheel
Vendor Category Stuff
Price per unit 1.86 EUR
Process time almost a quick as you can say one, two, buckle my shoe.
Category Digital Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns This looks like a good place for a story that may or may not be amusing depending upon who you are and where you abide. The border customs guys and gals who assess and collect duty, tariff, border tax, were one day talking among themselves. It was soon to be the birthday of the guy who ran the head shed. They were all talking about what kind of present that they shoud give the guy. One person suggested that they give him the lastest model ferrari sports car. That is not a good idea because he already has five of them. Someone else suggested that they give him a villa on the beach. No, replied another, because he already has a dozen of them. Then the youngest member of the team said, "I know, lets all put together one tenth part of our earnings from one evening of our service tour" No, said the others , thats too much.
Terms Conditions Terms and conditions are optional. That means that this is a real item and it really is for sale. i am using it to test the market. Is this a price driven item? Will I discover price sensitivity if I raise the price? This item is generated by a nice little php program that I wrote years ago. I retain creator rights. You are buying a non exclusive usafruct. that means the right to use it as you please for the rest of your life.
Expiry Never
Last Seen 7 m
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