Early BETA version = Work in Progress - See info.

BazaarBay FAQ

For basic information, check out info page.

Q: Can I do partial keywords searches aka stemming?
A: Yes, like test* for testing or open* for OpenBazaar, etc.

Q: How do I buy or sell stuff?
A: You'll need to install OpenBazaar client software. BazaarBay only lists available contracts, we do not currently facilitate trading at all. It's also worth of checking out the OpenBazaar Docs and OpenBazaar Blog.

Q: How can I exclude / hide my OpenBazaar Store or my Listings from BazaarBay search? / I don't like BazaarBay bot, how can I block it?
A: You can do it by adding BB:Hide to your profile about or description text. To permanently block BazaarBay bot use BB:Block text. Case sensitive and colon is required. Optionally when you receveid BazaarBay indexed welcome message, you can reply to it with block or hide to do the expected thing.

Q: I used unhide / unblock / refresh command doesn't reveal old listings.
A: That's right. It allows vendor / moderator profile + new listings to be visible. - It's also good to notice that it might take quite a while for your node to be visible again due to aggessive negative caching.

Q: I don't want to install any additional software on my computer. What should I do?
A: There are't currently any sites providing trading without installing OpenBazaar P2P software. (If you provide one, let us know.)

Q: How many vendors / moderators / listings there are available on OpenBazaar?
A: Check out OpenBazaar Network Statistics.

Q: How often BazaarBay information is refreshed?
A: Every fifteen minutes. = Four times / hour.

Q: I relocated my OpenBazaar Server. Since that information hasn't been updated.
A: It just takes a while. OpenBazaar caches information extensively. Meaning that it might take a few days before things work again. Just like if you move your domain to a new service provder.

Q: How do I get my listings indexed?
A: All OB network information is fetched and refreshed automatically. If you want to accelerate the process, send message "refresh" to BB Bot via OB Chat.

Q: I just added million new listings. Why aren't all of those visible?
A: Due to listing spamming, new listigns are rate limited to 100 new listings / hour / vendor.

Q: My listings image is broken.
A: Image indexing is separate task. It'll just take a while. Don't panic.

Q: Can I browse vendors?
A: Yes, you can do so by visting this browse list of all Vendors link.

Q: Can I browse moderators?
A: Yes, you can do so by visting this browse list of all Moderators link.

Q: How are ratings calcultated?
A: Currently Ratings are averaged, yet it can be easily changed if there are better proposals how to do it.

Q: Is there a top chart?
A: Sure, see: Top Vendors / Top Listings.

Q: Indexing doesn't happen quickly enough.
A: Technically it would, but the current (beta) server is underpowered. New server has been ordered and will be deployed in production soon.

Q: What if illegal goods or services are being sold?
A: We think we already explained this from the technical perspective. Unfortunately we don't have resources or technology to monitor & censor listings or vendors. This is simple free service, and doing such monitoring is expensive. Future versions will allow users to flag items and markets and moderators will be checking those irregularly.

Q: How long you guys keep logs?
A: Web access, like searches, browsing contracts and markets, are fully logged including all HTTP request information. These access logs are kept for 14 days. For debuging reasons.
OpenBazaar network logs including markets and contracts (vendors, moderators, nodes, listings) are currently stored indefinitely.

Q: My site is gone / banned. What can I do?
A: That happens. You can try to complain, but it probably won't change anything. Please use common sense, and don't publish listings / vendor profiles which will get you banned. There are several people authorized to ban content and well, we don't waste our time about discussing internal guide lines. FYI. Code for unban doesn't even exist. If your @onename identity get's banned, that's bad. Because the ban will follow with the id even if you get new GUID.

Q: Do you guys cooperate with law enforcement?
A: Yes, we're fully cooperating with law enforcement. All requests will be confirmed to be authorative and full cooperation is ensured. We've got nothing to hide. Yet, if you're not authorative, were not going to give out any information to random requesters. (Lawers, Private Eyes, etc. Don't even bother.)

Q: My question isn't answered here, how can I present new questions?
A: BazaarBay contact information is on BazaarBay info page.

Q: We want to use data provided by BB for my own purposes.
A: Please contact us for details. Linking / Mentioning BazaarBay as the data source would be highly appreciated. There's a few projects which already use OpenBazaar Listing & Vendor data from the BazaarBay using WebHooks and some services utilize our JSON RESTful API. Sorry, no public documentation yet.

Q: I just made a bitcoin payment, I want to cancel it.
A: Sorry, there's absolutely nothing we can do about that.

Q: My node / vendor / moderator / listings were visble but are now gone.
A: You'll need to run the OpenBazaar Server, with the listings. Anything which isn't reachable on the network will be eventually deleted.

Q: Is the @BazaarBay on OpenBazaar network a bot?
A: Yes, it is. Post anything, and you'll get help text if the command wasn't understood.

Q: My node / listing / image gives 410 Gone / 404 Not found error.
A: 410 means you've got your self banned. - 404 means that your node isn't yet indexed, or you've chosen to hide it.

Q:I don't know how to setup a store or other OpenBazaar Client / Server related questions.
A: Please, check out Vendors Guide to OpenBazaar.