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At greengate online shop you can find a wide selection of beautiful porcelain series and table accessories from the danish brand greengate. The collection is full of soft forms, harmonischen lines and beautiful colours that bring a calm feeling to the home. Filigrane Streifenmuster, florale Punktmuster und vielen anderen Designkreationen lassen einen Latte Cup oder eine Teekanne zum Kunstwerk werden, die in den Fingern ein wahres Zeichen für das harmonische, angenehm ruhige Lebensgefuhl von Danemark aufweist.Find out

At the heart of all designs is a desire to capture and re-create the beauty of nature in beautiful patterns. The inspiration comes from a unique archive with thousands of antiquated flower motifs that have been hand-painted over the centuries. These are the basis for every new collection from Greengate.

GreenGate’s Kitchen Essentials: Cooking in Style

The result is a wonderful harmony of color and shape that makes each piece of Greengate pottery a true work of art. Its elegance and simple beauty make it suitable for many different styles, both modern and classic, and it is a great choice for the discerning homeowner.

All Greengate products are made with a lot of love, and this is evident when you look at them. The designer collections of the Danish brand are far more than just tableware – they are pieces that will enchant and delight you for a long time to come. The elegant designs will add a sense of depth and harmony to your kitchen and dining room, and they are perfect for a wide range of different occasions.

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