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BazaarBay is a OpenBazaar search engine which currently indexes listings from OpenBazaar network vendors. BazaarBay is a search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu. BazaarBay isn't a web shop / store. We do not create or host content for clients / stores, nor sell or buy anything. BazaarBay does not select or filter the content available on OpenBazaar network. Just as other Internet Service Providers do not provide, select or host the content accessible on the Internet by their users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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OpenBazaar Listing Ratings.

Top OpenBazaar Vendors & Listings.

Advanced Search.

ob:// links - is fully OpenBazaar custom URL compatible. You can open any OpenBazaar link by just prefixing it with . Or alternatively you can open OpenBazaar page and drop the url in the search box on the front page.

Latest OpenBazaar Contracts are listed at Twitter using @OBContracts account or as RSS feed. List of Keywords.


News regarding the BazaarBay site are posted to Twitter using account @BazaarBay.

Basic search help

Basic search uses full text search. Any words mentioned in title, description or keywords will match. Default operator is and all the listed words need to match. Using - you can make a not query. As example Pizza -Frozen. Using # you can search hashtags / keywords only. Example: #pizza -#oven search tags. Tags can be combined with full text. Also using quotes creates phrase match. Example: #amazon "gift card" will search for listings tagged with Amazon containing gift card phrase. Using ! prefix works similarly but matches listing titles only. Exampe: !title or -!NotInTitle. These should not be used with advanced search. When using advanced search, comma separation is used. Which allows to search phrases in titles.

! match listing title
-! not match listing title
# match listing keyword
-# not match listing keyword
@ match vendor GUID or handle
-@ not vendor match GUID or handle

Extra keywords:
nsfw - Using this keyword you'll allow search to list nsfw listings which are hidden by default.

Got suggestinos? Let us know. - Thanks.

Hiding and Blocking BB

Using following tags in vendor about or description, you can hide or block vendor / listings on BB. Note check is case sensitive.

BazaarBay Bot commands

Known issues


This site is under heavy development, there will be new major features like:


If you have any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're ready and open for all kind of business co-operation and networking.