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Light Green Crystals

Light Green crystals  embody the energies of renewal and growth. Their color represents nature and the fertile Earth, bringing us the blessings of healing, good health, prosperity, and abundance. They encourage a fresh start and new beginnings, helping you to let go of what no longer serves you and move forward with confidence. These stones are also known to bring you the energies of forgiveness, allowing you to release anger and resentment that no longer serve you.

In the area of relationships, green crystals are said to help you attract loving partnerships, balancing and strengthening your bonds with others so that you can build beautiful connections that are rooted in trust. Likewise, they are said to help you overcome issues around jealousy and insecurity by promoting a more open heart.

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On a spiritual level, green crystals are known for their ability to cleanse and purify your heart chakra and bring you the energy of forgiveness and compassion. They also bring you the blessings of healing your lungs and circulatory system, encouraging you to breathe deeply and fully. Additionally, they are believed to revitalize tired organs and muscles, aiding with a number of conditions such as the uterus, lymphatic system, and even the immune system.

In addition to these emotional benefits, many green crystals are also known for their ability to aid communication. This is more common with blue crystals, but several of the green gemstones such as green aventurine, prehnite and gaspeite are also renowned for their abilities to promote clearer communication with Spirit, particularly during meditation.

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