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Boat VIN Number Lookup

The Hull Identification Boat VIN Number Lookup s a 12-character code that identifies a boat by its manufacturer, year of manufacture or model. It is similar to a VIN number in an automobile, and was established in 1972 by federal regulation for boats built on or after that date. Prior to this date, manufacturers used a variety of serial numbers. The HIN was designed to make it easier for authorities to trace boats and prevent theft, but does not identify ownership unless it is recorded in a bill of sale or state registration.

Whether you are buying a used boat or planning on selling yours, it is important to know the history of your vessel. By entering a HIN into Boat VIN Lookup, you can receive a comprehensive report containing the boat’s title and registration records, specifications, warranty information, recalls, and accident history. These reports are an invaluable tool for boat owners, buyers and sellers, marine lenders, yacht brokers, marine surveyors, and law enforcement.

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Vessel: The Power of HIN Number Lookup for Boat Buyers and Owners

BoatScope is an industry leader in providing boat information from multiple sources in a single easy-to-use website. Its database contains over 16,000 boat manufacturer records and enables customers to search by manufacturer, HIN or other identifying criteria. A single report is $20, and add-ons for equipment or trailer VIN searches are available for an additional fee.

HINs can be found on the bow of a boat or in a label permanently affixed to its hull. Some States require that a HIN be displayed on the State certificate of title, insurance documents and the boat’s registration. A secondary HIN may also be located on the boat in an unexposed location such as beneath a fitting or piece of equipment.

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