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How to Determine Age of Domain

Domain age is an important factor that determines how long a website has been active on the Internet. Many SEO experts believe that older domains are more trusted by Search Engines and have a better chance of ranking higher on SERPs. However, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration to know how old a domain is.

How to determine the age of the domain age is to find out when the domain was registered. To do this, you can use various online tools and services that are specifically designed to perform this task. These tools can also help you determine the date when a website was originally launched. These tools can also provide you with a list of other details about a domain such as its expiration date, the last time it was updated, and even its IP address.

How to Search for an IP Address Online

Another way to determine a domain’s age is to check its record in the Internet Registry. This record is managed by the registrar responsible for a given TLD (Top Level Domain). This information will not change unless the domain is deleted and then re-registered. This information will provide you with an accurate measurement of how long a domain has been registered.

While a domain’s age is not a definitive indicator of its trustworthiness, it does play an important role in determining email deliverability and the likelihood of a spam detection by spam filters. This is because ESPs and ISPs will usually run new domains through several checks before they will accept them into their system. This includes checking for fraud risks like phishing, brand impersonation, malware, and more.

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