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The Cost of an Interior Decorator

cost of interior decorator

Cost of interior decorators wear many hats on a project and can cost clients more than just design fees. For example, they may source and purchase furniture items on your behalf and coordinate ordering, delivery and installation. They may also act as a liaison between contractors and fabricators for larger renovation projects. These overlapping services and markups on products can significantly increase costs, as well as labor charges and travel expenses.

The cost of an interior designer varies widely depending on the scope of work, geographic location, and experience. In general, interior designers with more education and experience charge higher rates than those without formal qualifications.

Designing Dreams: Exploring the Cost of Hiring an Interior Decorator

Another factor that influences pricing is whether the pro is a designer or decorator. A designer has a broad range of skills, including structural planning and layout, while a decorator focuses on dressing rooms with paint color, furnishings and accessories.

Some designers have a fixed fee per room or square foot, while others operate on an hourly basis. In the latter case, an estimated cost is calculated by multiplying the designer’s hourly rate by the number of hours he or she spends on the project.

Some decorators also use a percentage-of-the-project-cost pricing model. This is an effective way to simplify the quoting process and provides flexibility for the client. Ultimately, it’s up to each decorator to decide which pricing model best fits their business and clients. If you’re an aspiring interior decorator, consider taking an accredited design course to receive a qualification that will help you establish your credibility and build your business.

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