Day: February 9, 2024

Why Choose Best Playground Markings?Why Choose Best Playground Markings?

When it comes to school playground surface graphics, OFSTED encourages active play that’s fun and engaging for kids of all ages. These custom designs are perfect for schools and nurseries to aid children’s physical development and cognitive learning, while also promoting social skills in an external space away from the classroom. Check this out:

This is where the role of Best Playground Markings UK comes in, as they offer a wide range of thermoplastic marking services for schools. Their team is DBS-checked and can design and install bespoke playground graphics to help teachers deliver interactive and engaging lessons outside the classroom.

As a leading thermoplastic playground marking contractor, Best Playground Markings UK can offer a variety of different packages to suit any budget. The cost can be affected by the size of the area to be marked, how many colors are requested, and whether a bespoke logo or another type of customization is included in the design.

Weatherproof Wonder: Durable Playground Markings for UK Climates

Playground markings can be used to teach a wide range of topics, including counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication, the alphabet, phonics, and even subjects like the solar system and maps. They can also support childhood dexterity and promote physical activity with games like hopscotch and 100 snakes and Ladders playground markings.

For a more structured lesson, they can also provide a range of board game markings that can be played with or without a board. From Ludo to bespoke mile track markings that can be designed with a school’s ethos and branding, these are an ideal way to keep kids engaged and active during lessons. In addition, they can also help them to practice what they’ve learned outside in their free time.