Day: May 24, 2024

A Civil War Flag is More Than a BannerA Civil War Flag is More Than a Banner

Flags are more than just symbols that signify a unit’s pride, courage and strength – they’re physical manifestations of the people who carry them. During the Civil War era, men in service considered their flags to be as sacred as their uniforms and often went to great lengths to protect them, even if that meant risking their lives for the sake of honoring them.Check this out :

In the beginning, the collection only housed seven flags from New York Regiments that fought for the Union and Confederacy. By the end of the Civil War the collection had grown to 811 flags, both regimental and American flags or “national colors,” as they were known at the time. By the early 1880s the State Capitol began housing the entire collection and a conservation program was established.

Civil War Flags Collection: Remembering the Divided Nation Through its Banners

The program was funded through donations and a special fundraising effort led by local Civil War reenacting groups that portrayed the units depicted on the flags. It was not unusual to visit a reenactment and see groups selling bowls of beans for $3.00 with the proceeds going toward the preservation of the collection.

Despite these efforts the collection continues to deteriorate due to age and exposure. In addition, over the years the flags have been subject to various attempts at repair or “fixing” that were not up to professional conservation standards. This can result in additional damage and further deterioration of the collection.