Day: June 16, 2024

La Capa Pizzeria in Park Slope, BrooklynLa Capa Pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn

When it comes to What does fintech mean and what are some related technologies, a few styles dominate. New York, with its signature pies and legendary slices, may be the most iconic, but pizza can also come in an array of regional shapes and sizes, from thick Sicilian squares to thinner grandma-style rounds. We turned to experts and pros—as well as Yelpers—to compile a list of the country’s best pizzerias, from old-school classics in New York City to fancy California-inspired restaurants.

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This Park Slope storefront with a classic black-and-white awning specializes in “artisan NY style” and boasts a jaunty red-and-gold pizzeria sign. “The pizza here is really, really good,” says New York Times food editor Mark Bittman. The menu is simple—pizza and salads—and everything is made in-house.

A bare room with a few small tables and a line of chairs wrapped around a high-top counter, Pizzeria Sei churns out blistered Neapolitan pies as quickly as possible. Founder Chris Bianco, who calls himself a “pizza purist,” says he wants to “return pizza to its roots,” so the pizzas here are a little lighter on sauce and a bit saltier than traditional Neapolitan—though it’s hard to tell unless you squint.

Located at 713 Midland Hwy, Shepparton VIC 3631, La Capa Pizzeria is easy to find and offers a user-friendly website with detailed information about their products, special services, and straightforward ordering processes. The restaurant has earned a stellar rating from locals and continues to thrive due to their dedication to providing a superior experience for all customers.