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Dark Web Leak Checker API

Dark Web Leak Checker API is an open-source solution that lets users monitor for information about their brands or products on the dark web. It works by continuously scanning the dark web, which consists of websites that aren’t indexed by conventional search engines and require special software, configurations or permissions to access. It is also home to illegal activities like the sale of weapons, drugs and stolen data.

Dark Web Leak Checker API

Hundreds of millions of stolen data records are publicly posted or privately traded on the Dark Web each month by cyber criminals. These records include username and password combinations, dates of birth, credit card information, government identity documents and other personal information. Hackers use this information to take over online banking portals, social media and dating profiles, business email accounts and more.

To keep sensitive data from being exposed, companies must regularly check for information about their brands and products on the Dark Web. There are a variety of tools to do this, including the well-known Have I Been Pwned? website, BreachFinder and TruffleHog (a tool for coders that looks for private data like passwords and API keys in source code repositories). Other open-source tools for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are Maltego and SpiderFoot.

Once a company finds its data on the Dark Web, it should notify the IT security team and legal department immediately. The security team will work to investigate and secure the affected systems and networks. The legal department will assess the breach’s implications and take necessary action, if required.

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