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Shoes Reviews  Tips

Barefoot Shoes Tips and reviews boost consumer confidence, lift conversion rates, mitigate returns, and drive SEO. Footwear brands can make the most of these essential customer insights by increasing review collection through post-purchase email campaigns and sweepstakes, optimizing their review display with a customized form and Q&A, and leveraging tools like product sentiment and review search reporting.

The Sole Truth: Honest Reviews and Insider Tips for Shoe Enthusiasts

Footwear shoppers have unique questions about fit, feel, and durability that can’t always be answered with a star rating or description alone. For example, runners may want to know how heavy the shoe is, whether it will stay on their feet during a marathon, or if the color matches online photos. By prompting customers to answer these types of questions in their reviews, footwear brands can capture valuable insight that they can then use to improve product descriptions and support.

Footwear has some of the highest return rates across industries, and it’s often due to poor fit. Helping consumers choose their best size before they buy is a great way to reduce returns, and it can be done by incorporating a Size/Fit Slider on the review display.

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